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Due to a myriad of family related issues and personal health concerns, Lisa Marie was unable to tend to her sites for several months. Good news! Slowly but surely, Lisa Marie will be returning this summer so stay tuned. In the meantime be sure to enjoy all the items saved in the files and on 4Shared!

That's right! A Grand Re-Opening - Happening Soon! My site will be revitalized, renewed and improved!
Door prizes,
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Mega sales,
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Contests, games, surprises.
Cost-conscious memberships,
Individualized concentration,
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Check back soon for more information!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at and I will do my best to get back to you promptly. Thank you and be blessed!
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Making Incredimail letters is what I enjoy doing most in PSP. Most IM Letters I make are made using a tutorial written by someone else or a tutorial I write. I don't enjoy making scrolling IM letters or using HTML code to create letters. All of the letters I make are made for Incredimail. As with my tags I create, I store and back up the IMFs of letters I make on my 4Shared account (see links below) as well as within the files section of my group, LMKuhns Creations. Making personalized Incredimail stationery for others is a very enjoyable hobby for me.

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In my offline life, I am a typical pack-rat. I like to organize and save just about everything! And that has been reflected online with my saving of my tags I've created. I love to make signature tags and extras! I began doing so in 2005 and just haven't stopped. I am also a siggie piggie myself; make it for me and I will keep it! As such I have several sites with hundreds and hundreds of tags saved. You're welcome to use my blanks to tag them for yourself or friends with names or phrases. You're very welcome to share "extras" I've made as well! I do ask that my blanks and extras are not used to create new stationery though; thanks.

Here are a few other places to download tags I've made:

DM Tag Blanks Part 1 Zip File*,
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You may also look at my (old) Fotki sites which are listed on the right hand of this page :)
*DM = Abbreviation for Debbie Mumm.


Occasionally I make and share desktops with my members only group. I very rarely make desktop calendars. It isn't something I don't enjoy and I am able to make them...but for some reason I prefer making stats and tags. I always tell myself to make more desktops and when I open PSP I just find myself making stats and tags! Perhaps in the future I will become more inclined and interested in making desktops :) Most likely if it were requested of me to do so, I'd go ahead and make a desktop of a particular theme or style if a member wanted it done ;)

You can find desktops I have made on my 4Shared account by clicking here. These desktops are free for download and may be shared with others if you know someone who might like them.

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LMKuhns Creations: This is my mailing list where I share things I make in Paint Shop Pro. I share Incredimail Letters, blank tags, extra sets, image tubes, desktops and occasionally offer tags or personalized letters for request.
LMKuhns-Testers: This is the group where I send tutorials I write to be tested by other talented PSP*IM Creators.
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The Dragonfly Glade: This is a group was formerly titled GypsiesTagsAndMore. It is owned by my friend Kristina and I have been helping as a co-moderator since mid-2009. The group shares a wide variety of things; email stationery, tag extras, and more. There are several group activities and sometimes there are tag offers. The group is limited for its number of subscribers but you can apply to join at any time (you may have to wait to be added). Participation is mandatory and roll call is kept. We are a very close group of ladies and the group is made to be friendly and cozy for making friendships and chatting. Hope to see you there!

Welcome to LMKuhns PSP&IM Creations! My name is Lisa Marie Kuhn. I am 35 years old and I am from beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia in SE Canada. I am very proud to be Canadian! I have been married since June of 2000 to my "university sweetheart" William. We are parents to four terrific daughters. They're ages 10, 8, 7 and 4. Above all else, my family is my most important priority in my life.

Throughout my life, art and writing were always very fun and enjoyable for me. I attribute my love of art, in part, to my father who was a professional artist himself. My mother always encouraged me in my interests as well.

I have been creating graphic art using Paint Shop Pro since 2003-2004. I began to use PSP to create email art for Incredimail in 2005. Of all of my hobbies, creating in PSP is my favorite pass-time. I opened LMKuhns PSP&IM Creations in June of 2008.

On this page you can learn more about the types of things I do and offer through LMKuhns PSP&IM Creations. I have a membership subsciption available as well as a Siggies Club and Theme Packages available for purchase. Thank you very much for visiting my page!

Below are my blog posts! Welcome - I hope you enjoy reading and find something you'll like!

I no longer make tubes. However, all of my tubes are available on my 4Shared (paid) account. Right now I do not have the links here but will add them as time permits so members can click to download sets of tubes I made in previous years. Stay tuned. (Updated Feb 19, 2012)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Facebook Cover Freebie & $2 Sale

Hello! TGIF - the weekend, finally (of course it will pass soooo quickly like usual!). As you can see above, I have created another Facebook timeline cover image. These can be used elsewhere, too, though they're specifically intended for use as covers on FB. The one provided here is a "freebie".

I have a personalized version uploaded on my own FB timeline currently at if you'd like to take a peek. I'm selling this particular cover for just $2 personalized. If you'd like a personalized version of this cover, email me at and provide me with what text you would like to have added to your cover. Please note the colors, clip art, position of the elements, etc cannot be changed.

You can have any text you'd like added; your name, a quote, your family stats, a message of your choice, etc. If you have a specific font you'd like used, please let me know and if possible, provide the font to me as an attachment to your message i
Linkn case I don't have it.

Download the freebie cover here, here or here.

Love and hugs,
Be blessed!

Lisa Marie

Tut Added and More Coming =)

Vertical Plaid Template Members Tutorial has been released to my subscribers / members of LMKuhns_Members_Only today. I hope those who try it will enjoy it.

I have one more of the "colorize the template & pattern" quick tuts ready to send to my testers and then the following tutorials in the remainder of February will be a different style (not telling though - it'll be a surprise ). I will hopefully have the next tut sent to my testers today.

With regards to the "Oldie FTU Tutorial IMCs" I have been sending -- there are about six sets of 5 tutorials (so 30 more individual tutorials) to send between tomorrow and February 21. Following that time I hope to begin doing a similar thing with re-sending older Members Tutorials in groupings according to tutorial-styles (e.g., an IMF of 3-5 tutorials on how to animate with "noise", another IMF of 3-5 tutorials on how to add text to a header, etc). The positive feedback from re-sending through old tutorials has been quite impressive so it motivates me to continue to do so.

When all of the IMCs of oldie tutorials have been sent they will be made available on 4Shared (after I buy more space!) as well. I am glad that many of my groups' subscribers have found them to be good to receive!

And here is a preview of the next template tut I've got coming ...

Have a great weekend!
Love and hugs, Lisa Marie

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Day

Wikipedia describes the symbol of the heart by beginning with this sentence: "The heart (♥) has long been used as a symbol to refer to the spiritual, emotional, moral, and in the past, also intellectual core of a human being." However, if you write the word heart into Wikipedia's search engine, the first page found is their description of the organ of the heart. No one needs to reach through the long medical explanation that covers that page to understand that human beings require a healthy, functioning heart to live and sustain life. While the secular observance of Valentine's Day relies heavily on the symbol of a heart <3, 1 in 100 children are born with Congenital Heart Defects/Diseases giving the heart <3 an entire different meaning on Feb 14 and every other day of the year. For me and my family, the heart <3 has that special meaning because our dearest Carly Rose was born with CHD in 2004. Today is the last day of CHD Awareness Week, as well, so one last reminder from me: Please tell people about CHD and advocate that all babies should have a pulse oximetry test prior to being released from hospital after their birth.